Update instructions for Blisk

Update instructions for Blisk

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NOTE: It is important to update Blisk to the latest version to avoid issues with authentification and Blisk Premium.

If you use Blisk on OS X: go to update instruction for macOS.

The latest version of Blisk is v. (release notes). It looks like, your version of Blisk is outdated and you need to update Blisk.

Steps to update Blisk:

  1. Start Blisk application. Blisk will start downloading the new version.
  2. Open the new tab page within next 5-20 minutes. Once update downloads - Blisk will recommend installing it.
  4. Wait until Blisk installs the update
  5. You are ready to use the latest version of Blisk.

Have problems with the update?

  1. Close all Blisk windows
  2. Uninstall Blisk (Also delete your browsing data should be unchecked)
  3. Download our latest offline installer
  4. Launch the downloaded EXE file and install Blisk.

Note: your Firewall and software (e.g. Fiddler) may block the update. You may be using the outdated version of Blisk. To check your version, compare installed version of Blisk with the latest version (v.

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