How to install Blisk offline

Get Blisk up and running without an internet connection with our offline installation instructions.

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Blisk offers web installer for Windows which can be downloaded from the Landing page.

Issues with web installer on Windows: there are known cases (e.g. using a proxy) when web installer cannot upload source files, and installation fails. In this case, we recommend using Blisk offline installer.

Offline installer - for Windows Intel Chip

Offline installer - for macOS Intel Chip

Offline installer - for macOS Apple Silicon Chip (M1/M2)

Offline installer - for Linux (Debian): .deb

Offline installer - for Linux (Fedora/openSuse): .rpm

Once Blisk is installed, Blisk will offer to create the new account or log into existing Blisk account. Blisk account unlocks additional features (e.g. screenshots and screen recorder).

If you are offline, Blisk can work offline until you exceed the allowed time limit for the trial version.

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