Blisk is the toolbox for
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Blisk delivers responsiveness to your web application and shows weak points, making you more productive, less stressed, and just a little bit happier.

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Why Blisk

Twice faster web development

Blisk combines development process for mobile and desktop into a single workflow. So developers have to make twice less effort to achieve the same result.

Top used devices

Blisk contains top used phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. We constantly add new top devices and update OS and browser of existing devices to support the latest technologies.

Easy testing of responsive design

Blisk allows simultaneous previewing of both desktop and mobile versions of web apps. This is extremely useful at the development and testing phases.

Advanced developer tools

In addition to chrome-like DevTools for each device, the developer receives the set of advanced developer tools which dramatically improves his performance.

Less bugs, easier bug fixing

By using Blisk, the developer is able to find and fix bugs before they become critical. High-quality websites are delivered twice faster.

Easy installation

Blisk users spend 30 seconds in average to start using the product. All features are preinstalled and ready to use. Blisk constantly updates with an average release cycle of one month.

Blisk features

Devices stack

All needed devices are preinstalled inside your browser. Blisk has set of phones, tablets and laptops.

All needed viewports

Blisk offers a variety of devices with all needed viewports: from small iPhone SE to large desktop screen.

Touch event support

Phones and tablets support native touch events: tap, double tap, swipe etc.

Mobile orientation

Phones and tablets support landscape and portrait mode.

Device pixel ratio

Manage the difference between rendering on a standard display versus a HiDPI or Retina display.

Native user agents

Take the control over rendering different versions for native browsers of each device.

Different OS

Blisk offers the variety of different operating systems: from mobile iOS and Android to Windows and macOS on desktop.

Multiple vendors

With Blisk, you get access to top devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG etc.

Side-by-side view

Blisk shows mobile and desktop side-by-side. So, you can develop or test on them simultaneously.

Multiple DevTools

Blisk allows to use the chrome-like DevTools on mobile and desktop simultaneously.

URL sync

Blisk has a single URL to navigate both mobile and desktop so you don't need to copy-paste the URL.

Scroll sync

You always preview the same content on desktop and mobile. Blisk syncs them by scroll position.


Boost the development by automatically refreshing pages when you modify the source code.

Error notifier

Blisk notifies you about issues with JavaScript or about the resources that failed to load.


Take a screenshot of desktop or mobile in one click and share it with your team.

Multi-device screenshot

Blisk can generate a screenshot of multiple devices automatically.

Screen recorder

Capture a video of the whole screen in one click and share it with your team.

Cloud storage

Use Blisk cloud storage for your screenshots and screen records. Storage is available from anywhere.

Image editor

Use the built-in Image editor to annotate the screenshots or your local images.


Use this tool for quick inspecting of elements without launching DevTools.

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