Develop and test websites that look great and work fine on any device

  • Fully emulated phones and tablets inside
  • URL and scroll of desktop and mobile are in sync
  • Blisk refreshes pages automatically on file change
  • Debug desktop and mobile with DevTools
  • Blisk works with any IDE, language and framework
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last build 0.61.2743.166 released 9 days ago

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Blisk is a free Chromium-based browser built to increase quality and speed of web development and testing

Use Blisk at any phase of website development:





Preinstalled phones and tablets

Blisk browser has a set of top used phones, tablets, laptops and even desktops. Use multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Emulated screen resolution
  • Emulated device pixel ratio
  • Emulated user agent
  • Emulated touch event
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URL and scroll sync

Blisk synchronizes URL and scroll position for both mobile and desktop. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and scroll position.

  • Visually compare the same elements on desktop and mobile
  • Stay focused on the same page while coding
  • Speed up testing of mobile and responsive layout
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Page Auto-refresh on sources change

Every time you save code changes - Blisk refreshes tab(s). Try to open IDE in one screen, Blisk - in another and focus on development.

  • Keep coding in IDE and preview changes automatically
  • Watch any file types (html, css, js, saas, cshtml, php etc.)
  • Watch one or many folders simultaneously
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Web page Analytics*

Blisk browser automatically monitors the code quality of web page. Developer gets real-time analytics for every device.

  • Catch JavaScript errors
  • Improve page load speed
  • Validate cross browser compatibility
  • Track resources that fail to load (css, fonts, images etc.)

Screenshots in one click*

Take picture of a selected area/HTML tag, screen or a whole web page. All screenshots are saved to cloud storage so you can easily share them with your team.

  • Make notes on screenshots
  • Attach screenshots to bug reports
  • Discuss mockups, design and colors


Blisk browser integrates with top bug trackers and project management systems. This opens new possibilities in combination with Blisk Analytics and Screenshots.

  • Submit bugs right from the page you are at
  • Import test cases and checklists
  • Write documentation and discuss code with your team effectively
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Blisk Cloud:

Big Data

Track and analyze important data as you write code or test it: HTML & CSS validation, JavaScript errors and Page load speed.

Files Storage

Secure files storage for your work. Accessible everywhere anytime. Always at your fingertips. E.g. we will store your screenshots in the cloud.


Interact and communicate with your team mates faster and easier. Integrate with bug trackers and project management systems.

* - feature is currently in development and will be implemented soon. Contact us if you have any questions.

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