How to enable Auto-refresh in Blisk

Discover the simple steps to enable auto-refresh in Blisk and enjoy seamless browsing without manual page reloading.

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Auto-refresh is a feature of Blisk browser available starting from version 0.40.2490.71.

Using auto-refresh button:

  1. Go to the domain you want to refresh automatically
  2. Click auto-refresh button Auto-refresh button (located to the right of the address bar).You will be redirected to the page for setting up auto-refresh
  3. Adjust the settings in the form:
    • Dropdown with the domain name. Has the list of opened domains. The domain where auto-refresh button was clicked will be selected. You can change it to any other from the list
    • Tabs to refresh. Select, whether you want to refresh all opened tabs with the domain or the active tab only.
    • File formats. Specify the file formats you want to watch. Formats should be separated by commas.
    • Folders. Add the folders you want to watch. Note, that watching a folder with many subfolders and files may affect the CPU load.
  4. Click the button Save and enable auto-refresh.

Manual setting up:

  1. Go to blisk://setup or click Blisk setup button (located to the right of the address bar)
  2. Click Auto-refresh from the menu
  3. Click Add new watcher
  4. Adjust the settings in the form (the same as above).
  5. Click the button Save and enable auto-refresh.

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