Published on Saturday, Mar 19, 2016
Author: Blisk team

Blisk release 0.40.2490.71

Scroll sync improvements and auto-refresh feature

Blisk release 0.40.2490.71

Meet updates on fixed bugs and new features in Blisk browser release 0.40.2490.71! We are extremely grateful to everyone who is taking part in our closed pre-beta testing and supporting this awesome project!

Fixed bugs and improvements in this build:

  • B-40-71 Emulation crashes, if user scrolls during page loading.
  • B-40-72 DevTools disappears after changing dock type for the web content.
  • F-40-74 Disable emulation for specific URLs.
  • B-40-77 Blisk crashes if the text was copied from DevTools.
  • B-40-78 Emulation fails for the tabs opened from links with target="_blank".
  • F-40-79 Implement auto-refresh feature.
  • B-40-81 The user is redirected to the mobile version of Facebook if he tries to open desktop version.
  • B-40-83 Right-click in device content disables touch cursor.
  • B-40-85 Scroll sync does not send data from device to mobile content.
  • B-40-89 Blisk crashes if the user performs scrolling with opened DevTools.
  • B-40-91 Improve Blisk update (add notifications).
  • B-40-92 Improve scroll sync loading (should load even before full document loads).
  • F-40-93 Prevent duplicates for scroll sync (improve scroll sync load speed).
  • B-40-96 Device content bug with opened multiple tabs.
  • B-40-96 Device content bug with opened multiple tabs.
  • B-40-97 Device content bug after resize.
  • B-40-98 New tab with current release notes should not be visible after the first start.
  • B-40-99 Blisk starts with two windows after the first start.
  • B-40-108 Blisk does not apply the update.
  • B-40-110 Wrong inscription if the user tries to clear settings.
  • F-40-111 Remove inscription log in to Blisk from settings.
  • F-40-113 Improve Blisk auto-refresh performance.
  • B-40-115 Auto-refresh: watcher does not work for the new folder.
  • B-40-119 Blisk does not apply the update if a new version was uploaded while Blisk was running.
  • B-40-120 Blisk updates without any notification.

F-<XX-XX> - Feature
B-<XX-XX> - Bug

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