Published on Monday, Feb 13, 2017
Author: Blisk team

Blisk release

Emulated desktops and laptops, CSS live reload, new lite installer

Blisk release

Get Blisk release with new features: Emulated desktops and laptops, CSS live reload, new lite installer.

Emulated desktops and laptops

Previous versions of Blisk could not emulate websites on desktops and laptops. Since version, Blisk supports emulation of desktops and laptops:

  • Desktop 2560×1440
  • Desktop 1920×1080
  • Desktop 1440×900
  • Laptop 1366×768
  • Laptop 1280×800

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CSS live reload

Blisk starts supporting live reload of CSS. Live reload module is a part of Blisk Auto-refresh feature. Once you change the CSS file, Blisk will automatically reload the CSS on the page without refreshing it. This feature helps to boost web development. The users that already use Auto-refresh do not need to reconfigure Auto-refresh. Note: the live reload applies only to CSS files.

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New lite installer

Blisk installer for Windows is now 420KB total size. The new installer automatically uploads the needed files and installs them.

  • Win Mac B-03-753 Permissions bugs
  • Win Mac B-03-750 Scrollsync does not work for extensions
  • Win Mac B-03-758 Remove Chromium inscription while hovering Blisk
  • Win Mac F-03-759 Enable users without Premium to switch emulation on/off
  • Win Mac B-03-760 Blisk crashes after tab drag-and-drop
  • Win Mac B-03-766 Backward button does not work in mobile
  • Win Mac B-03-768 Emulation des not apply on SoundCloud after rotation
  • Win Mac B-03-770 User should not see "Upgrade Blisk" message after restart
  • Win Mac B-03-771 Redirection sync between contents does not work when URL contains hash
  • Win Mac B-03-775 Inspector does not work in new window
  • Win Mac F-03-779 Implement emulations of desktops and laptops
  • Win Mac F-03-781 Implement CSS live reload
  • Win Mac B-03-820 Desktop content does not collapse for desktops and laptops
  • Win Mac F-03-781 Implement lite installer for Windows
  • Win Mac F-03-817 Implement screenshots and screen recording for desktops and laptops

Win Mac - Platform
F-XX-XXX - Feature
B-XX-XXX - Bug

Learn the basics of using Blisk:

Learn more about Developer Mode, Development Domain, and Device Manager on Blisk Documentation.

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