Patch for Blisk v.

Patch release September 2017

Get patch v. with new features from Blisk version Click here to Download Blisk.

Incorrect emulation

In early September, version released. Thanks to feedbacks of users, the issue of applying incorrect emulation was discovered. The current patch fixes this issue.

Bookmarks issues

Version had issues with opening bookmarks manager: blisk://bookmarks. This issue was fixed and previously saved bookmarks are available again.

New user agents

The current patch includes updates of user agents for all devices: phones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

Toolbar management

Since version, Blisk allows to manage the behavior of navigation toolbar. In current version, there are four available options:

  • Toolbar expands at start: Blisk expands toolbar once and collapses toolbar on scroll.
  • Toolbar with native behavior: Blisk expands and collapses toolbar on scroll automatically.
  • Toolbar is expanded: Blisk expands toolbar and does not collapse it on scroll.
  • Toolbar is collapsed: Blisk collapses toolbar and does not expand it on scroll.