Published on Friday, Sep 8, 2017
Author: Blisk team

Blisk release

New system and browser toolbars, new device list, device info, favorite devices, improved screenshots, bugfixes

Blisk release

Get Blisk release with new features: New system and browser toolbars, new device list, device info, favorite devices, improved screenshots, bugfixes

System and browser toolbars

The new system and browser toolbars provide the native look and feel. Emulations with toolbars provide much more accurate results compared to previous versions of Blisk. Since version 6, phones and tablets have the system bar and browser toolbar with the address bar. The new emulations help to understand whether web content fits the real viewport or not.

Device toolbars are not clickable, Blisk address bar continues to navigate both device and desktop contents.

New device list

Blisk device list is now easier to use. The devices separate into three groups: phones, tablets, desktops + laptops. Phones and tablets locate inside two columns (was a single column). So, you will need to scroll less to reach the needed device.

Since current version, Blisk refreshes the page once you change devices. This gives 100% accurate results for device user agent, CSS @MEDIA queries, device-specific JavaScript or CSS etc.

Device info

Since version 6, Blisk shows information about the selected device: screen diagonal, screen resolution, pixels per inch, user agent (OS and browser), viewport size.

Favorite devices

Since current version, you can create the list of your favorite Blisk devices. Clicking the star button star_border adds the selected device to Favorites. Clicking the filled star button star removes the selected device from Favorites.

Improved screenshots

The screenshots App was updated. The quality of screenshots was improved. Since version, Blisk takes screenshots in a higher resolution with less compression.

Bugfixes and improvements:

  • Win B-6-994 Blisk returns to 1:3 view after page refreshes
  • Mac B-6-998 Wrong Blisk version in the Info section
  • Win Mac B-6-1002 Tutorial tooltips disappear when user hides panel with devices
  • Win Mac B-6-1006 Some tooltips in tutorial have wrong position
  • Win Mac B-6-1007 Device content does not refresh
  • Win Mac B-6-1007 Blacklisted site from mobile does not launch 1-column system
  • Win B-6-1012 Device content size flushes on tab reload
  • Win B-6-1014 No device content after enabling device
  • Mac B-6-1022 Blisk returns to 1:3 view after duplication of the tab
  • Win Mac B-6-1023 Blisk promo has wrong pixel ratio
  • Mac B-6-1025 Notifications have wrong position
  • Mac B-6-1027 Request for update does not contain required parameters
  • Win B-6-1028 Wrong sides ratio after first start
  • Win B-6-1029 Scroll sync does not work after re-starting Blisk
  • Win Mac B-6-1030 Blisk changes sides ratio on tab drag-and-drop to the new window
  • Mac B-6-1031 No device content if user enables/disables emulation two times
  • Win Mac F-6-1038 Improve the performance of mobile and device contents
  • Win Mac F-6-1039 Implement system toolbars
  • Win Mac F-6-1040 Implement browser toolbars
  • Win Mac F-6-1041 Implement new device list
  • Win Mac F-6-1044 Implement device info
  • Win Mac F-6-1046 Implement hotkeys support (when user is focused on device list)
  • Win Mac F-6-1047 Implement the device rotation button in the device list
  • Win Mac F-6-1048 Implement device content auto-refresh on device change
  • Mac B-6-1050 Blisk does not allow to perform drag-and-drop
  • Win Mac B-6-1054 Wrong URL of Blisk tutorial in the address bar
  • Win Mac B-6-1056 Blisk refreshes page on device rotate / device scale
  • Win Mac F-6-1093 Implement favorite devices
  • Win Mac F-6-1094 Limit the minimum width of device content
  • Win Mac - Platform
    F-XX-XXX - Feature
    B-XX-XXX - Bug

Learn the basics of using Blisk:

Learn more about Developer Mode, Development Domain, and Device Manager on Blisk Documentation.

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