Blisk release

Patch for the build with bug fixes and new features

Blisk release February 2021

We are happy to deliver the second patch for the major release of Blisk v14. In this patch, we managed to address the feature requested tens of times since release 14 got public - finally, you now have a convenient way to dock Dev Tools in both development and browsing modes. Apart from Dev Tools docking we have worked on bugs and crashes fixing, and re-branding transactional emails.

Changelog for build

  • Fix of failed screen record video transcoding in Blisk cloud
  • Fix of irresponsive application UI with enabled Webroot Antivirus
  • Fix of a crash on application shutdown
  • Transactional emails rebranding: you will now see a more clear and intuitive emails from us. Less text, more useful information
  • Last but not least: docked Dev Tools in browsing and developer modes