Acceleration program

How we relocated to Estonia and pased through the startup acceleration program

In October 2014, we took part in IDCEE conference, where we met Erik Anderson. Erik is an entrepreneur originally from Los Angeles. By that time, he was a headhunter of Startup Wise Guys Accelerator (Tallinn, Estonia), looking for startups around the globe. This is how we became a part of Startup Wise Guys family.


In spring 2015, we relocated from Ukraine to Tallinn. Being the capital of Estonia, Tallinn is a very friendly city. It is a place with a rich startup ecosystem. The most famous startup here is Skype, which is originally from Tallinn. The most of the Skype’s development team is still located in Tallinn. Being inspired by Skype’s achievements, our team was pleased to come to Estonia.

Startup Wise Guys

SWG’s atmosphere is extremely friendly. The batch included nine teams who came from Ukraine, Estonia, Finland, UK, Hungary, and Russia. The whole program was based on creating a lean startup. During the acceleration program, we learned customer development and pitching, optimized sales funnel, followed the best practices of tracking our users.

It was a time of learning, marketing, coding and talking to so many people. Almost every day someone new came to us for a mentoring session. Such sessions were extremely helpful for us. Each mentor was so much different from others, having very specific vision and being an expert in so many different spheres. This gave so many interesting and completely different insights!

While meeting new people, our connections network grew extremely fast. This gave us a possibility to visit outsourcing companies, talk to our target audience and make interviews. As a result, we understood the weak points of our product and decided to make a pivot.