Published on Sunday, Jun 25, 2017
Author: Blisk team

Blisk release

Chromium 58, new Blisk tutorial, new phones, improved screen capture, bugfixes

Blisk release

Get Blisk release with new features: Chromium 58, new Blisk tutorial, new phones, improved screen capture, bugfixes

Chromium 58

Blisk uses the last updates of Chromium same as Chrome 58. Blisk supports the latest technologies, has improved performance and security. The release includes IndexedDB 2.0, an improvement to iframe navigation, updated Workers and SharedWorkers, new ControlsList API, color-gamut Media Query, new block-formatting context using display: flow-root, faster 3D rendering with WebGL 2.0, and other new features.

Read more: Chromium blog - version 58

New Blisk tutorial

We are happy to introduce new Blisk tutorial which starts with the first launch of Blisk. The quick start tutorial contains an introductory course to make users fluent in Blisk environment. The tutorial is available at blisk://tutorial

Blisk dark theme
Blisk dark theme

New phones

Since version, Blisk start supporting four new phones: Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G6, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL.

Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7
Pixel XL
Pixel XL

Improved screen records

The screen records App was updated. The quality of screen records was improved. Since version, Blisk makes screen records in a high resolution with less compression.

Bugfixes and improvements:

  • Win Mac B-5-186 Right column is too small after tab drag-and-drop to new window
  • Mac B-5-764 User can't take more than one screenshot if internet was disabled
  • Win Mac B-5-785 Desktop and mobile content do not sync
  • Mac B-5-793 Disabled emulation works for pinned tab
  • Win Mac B-5-921 Cannot select empty folder as a folder for Auto-refresh
  • Mac B-5-934 No device content if user disables and enables emulation in another tab
  • Win Mac F-5-940 Merge Chromium 58
  • Win B-5-945 Aspect Ratio is not 1:4 after start
  • Mac B-5-934 Scroll bar issues
  • Win Mac B-5-934 Bad quality of screen record
  • Mac B-5-955 Wrong splitter behavior with opened DevTools
  • Mac B-5-956 Layout is broken after second click on the Error notifier
  • Mac B-5-959 Emulation is not enabled if it was disabled in an another tab
  • Win B-5-962 Blisk crashes on device rotation
  • Win Mac B-5-967 Blisk crashes after downloading image
  • Win Mac F-5-974 Remove iPhone 4
  • Win Mac F-5-978 Implement blisk://tutorial
  • Win Mac F-5-979 Fix device list baloon
  • Win Mac F-5-980 Hide baloons on tab change or close
  • Win Mac F-5-981 Start Blisk in maximized mode
  • Win Mac B-5-986 Scroll sync is not working on blisk://tutorial
  • Win Mac F-5-981 Add new devices: Galaxy S7, LG G6, Google pixel, Google pixel XL
  • Win Mac F-5-988 Implement notification about blacklisted websited
  • Win Mac - Platform
    F-XX-XXX - Feature
    B-XX-XXX - Bug

Learn the basics of using Blisk:

Learn more about Developer Mode, Development Domain, and Device Manager on Blisk Documentation.

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