Published on Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017
Author: Blisk team

Blisk release

Dark theme, Chromium 57, updated new tab page, improved screenshots, bugfixes

Blisk release

Get Blisk release with new features: Dark theme, Chromium 57, updated new tab page, improved screenshots, bugfixes

Dark theme

Since version, Blisk supports two themes: regular and dark. The dark theme applies to Blisk GUI, new tab page, DevTools. Themes can be changed in Blisk setup (blisk://setup#theme).

Blisk dark theme
Blisk dark theme

Chromium 57

Blisk uses the last updates of Chromium same as Chrome 57. Blisk supports the latest technologies, has improved performance and security. The release includes CSS Grid Layout, Media Session API, WebAssembly API, “Not Secure” warning for HTTP password and credit card pages, CSS position: sticky, WebGL 2.0 API, Notifications API updates, Input handling improvements, Async and await functions, CSS automatic hyphenation, and other new features.

Read more: Chromium blog - version 57

Updated new tab page

The new tab page was completely redesigned and now has the links to the user account, FAQ, settings, videos and tutorials. The new tab page is available in two themes: regular and dark.

Updated New tab page
Updated New tab page

Improved screenshots

The screenshots App was updated. The quality of screenshots was improved. Since version, Blisk takes screenshots of devices and desktop in a high resolution with less compression.

Bugfixes and improvements:

  • Win Mac F-04-707 Improve screenshots quality
  • Mac B-04-790 Mobile content decreases after page refresh
  • Win Mac F-04-791 Implement element ID preview for the inspector
  • Win B-04-807 Mobile content doesn't fit size of the window
  • Win Mac F-04-808 Improve device toggler logic
  • Win Mac F-04-814 Implement the dark theme for browser GUI
  • Win Mac F-04-815 Implement the dark theme for devices list
  • Win Mac F-04-816 Implement the dark theme for DevTools
  • Win Mac F-04-825 Lite installer improvements
  • Win Mac B-04-832 Inspector works in device tab after disabling
  • Win Mac B-04-841 Lite installer is closing without internet
  • Win Mac B-04-849 Issues with blisk:// links
  • Win Mac F-04-853 Enable using device toggler without permissions
  • Win Mac F-04-856 Merge Chromium 57
  • Win B-04-870 Tutorial does not display after reinstallation
  • Win Mac B-04-874 Issues with scroll sync
  • Win Mac B-04-879 Device DevTools: elements do not highlight on hover
  • Mac B-04-880 Issues with error notifications
  • Win Mac B-04-881 Inspector does not work after switching device
  • Win B-04-883 Issues with Blisk update
  • Mac B-04-888 Blisk crashes after changes in emulation black list
  • Win Mac B-04-899 DevTools does not apply dark theme
  • Win Mac F-04-902 Enable switching Blisk theme in blisk://setup
  • Win Mac B-04-906 No information about available update
  • Win Mac B-04-910 Issues with browser notifications
  • Win B-04-920 Blisk picks the wrong folder for auto-refresh
  • Mac B-04-923 No content on theme change
  • Win Mac B-04-927 Auto-refresh issues with CSS files
  • Win B-04-929 Blisk does not propose to save password
  • Win Mac - Platform
    F-XX-XXX - Feature
    B-XX-XXX - Bug

Learn the basics of using Blisk:

Learn more about Developer Mode, Development Domain, and Device Manager on Blisk Documentation.

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