Published on Monday, Dec 26, 2016
Author: Blisk team

Blisk release

Chromium 54, full support of single-page applications, improved touch events, emulation management

Blisk release

Get Blisk release with new features: Chromium 54, full support of single-page applications, improved touch events, emulation management.

Chromium 54

Blisk uses the last updates of Chromium same as Chrome 54. Blisk supports the latest technologies, has improved performance and higher security. The release includes custom elements v.1, BroadcastChannel API, material interface and other new features.

Read more: Chromium blog - version 54

Single-page applications support

Blisk starts supporting single-page applications. Blisk supports URL and scroll synchronization of desktop and mobile contents with the single-page application.

Touch events improvements

In order to provide quality support for touch-based user interfaces, touch events offer the ability to interpret finger (or stylus) activity on touch screens or trackpads. The latest version of Blisk has improved touch events simulation.

Emulation management

Previous versions of Blisk did not allow some websites, like Google, Youtube, and others to display in mobile devices. Since version, Blisk supports management of emulation. Blisk has the new tab called Emulation in Blisk setup: blisk://setup#emulation. This tab allows users to manipulate the list of websites with disabled emulation.

  • Win Mac F-62-291 Implement navigation sync for single-page applications
  • Mac B-62-396 Blisk crashes after tab drag-and-drop to the new window
  • Mac B-62-402 DevTools do not fit width and height in fullscreen mode
  • Mac B-62-421 DevTools close if user opens page in the new tab
  • Win F-62-425 Improve performance for blacklisted websites
  • Win Mac F-62-545 Improve touch event simulation
  • Mac B-62-555 Web-content is shifted if user opens link in the new tab
  • Win Mac B-62-587 Device content does not open HTML file after drag-and-drop
  • Win B-62-626 Blisk crashes if user declines Basic HTTP auth
  • Mac B-62-670 DevTools disappear when user switches on emulation
  • Win F-62-697 Update Splitter background color
  • Win Mac F-62-713 Implement auto-refresh for view-source:
  • Win Mac F-62-736 Implement emulation management (blisk://setup#emulation)
  • Win Mac B-62-751 Blisk shows wrong user agent for some tablets
  • Win Mac B-62-752 Blisk shows wrong device resolution for mobiles and tablets Win Mac - Platform
    F-XX-XXX - Feature
    B-XX-XXX - Bug

Learn the basics of using Blisk:

Learn more about Developer Mode, Development Domain, and Device Manager on Blisk Documentation.

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