Published on Sunday, Oct 30, 2016
Author: Blisk team

Blisk release

New devices, screenshots, screen recorder, cloud storage, notifications, inspector

Blisk release

Get Blisk release with new Premium Apps: new devices, screenshots, screen recorder, cloud storage, notifications, inspector, bug fixes, and codec improvements

We are happy to announce the release of Blisk version 1 !

Since the public release of Beta version, Blisk has changed from small tool with emulation to the out-of-the-box solution for web development, testing, and web design.

Within the last six months, we have implemented a lot of new features, released Blisk for OS X, made 679 improvements, stabilized Blisk application, and fixed a lot of bugs.

As for today, Blisk includes emulated phones and tablets, navigation and scroll sync, page auto-refresh, cloud storage, screenshots, screen recorder, error notifications, page inspector. These features move to the premium paid plan which costs $9.99/month. Users without premium plan get free 30 minutes daily. Users who earned Blisk coins will get access to the premium plan for free.

Why do we start charging for Blisk? Unlike other software companies, we seriously respect users privacy. We do not sell user data and do not share it with any third-party organizations. We will spend earned money on the scaling of the development team, development of new features and support of Blisk, maintenance of Blisk infrastructure: hosting and cloud services, servers. Therefore, we have also changed our end-user license agreement.

Thank you for staying with Blisk!

Learn the basics of using Blisk:

Learn more about Developer Mode, Development Domain, and Device Manager on Blisk Documentation.

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