Blisk release 0.20.2490.71

The story of building device emulation inside Blisk browser

Blisk release January 2016

Meet updates on fixed bugs and new features in Blisk browser release 0.20.2490.71! We are extremely grateful to everyone who is taking part in our closed pre-beta testing and supporting this awesome project!

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In this build we fixed bugs, added improvements:

  • F-19-44 Update device content background color.
  • F-19-46 Update Blisk branding.
  • B-19-46 Wrong branding in save password modal.
  • B-19-48 Device content overflows bottom border.
  • F-19-48 Resize of the device content after device change.
  • B-19-50 Blisk shows the old version of Google search.
  • B-19-51 Collapsed device list: hide toggle is visible.
  • F-19-52 Implement welcome page.
  • B-19-53 Chrome authentification button is visible.
  • F-19-55 Update Blisk browser user agent.
  • F-19-56 Set iPhone 6 as a default device on the first start.
  • B-19-57 Wrong content in the device if the order of tabs changed.
  • B-19-58 Middle column content is not refreshed if Enter pressed in the address bar.
  • B-19-59 Emulation does not apply on
  • B-19-60 Device content is not redirected to Trello from Google search.
  • B-19-62 Content overflows the device screen.
  • B-19-63 No content in the device after dragging the current tab into a new window.
  • B-19-64 Click on "Download facebook app" link crashes Blisk.
  • B-19-64 Click on "Download facebook app" link crashes Blisk.
  • F-19-65 Align the device vertically and horizontally to center, add device content padding.
  • B-19-67 Browser crashes if Blisk is closed with opened developer tools.
  • B-19-68 Browser crashes if the user scrolls with opened developer tools.
  • B-19-70 Page loads twice in device content.
F-<XX-XX> - Feature
B-<XX-XX> - Bug