Blisk release 0.10.2490.71

The story of building device emulation inside Blisk browser

Blisk release January 2016

We are very excited to start publishing our updates on fixed bugs and new features in Blisk browser! We are extremely grateful to everyone who is taking part in our closed pre-beta testing and supporting this awesome project!

Visit our forum to report a bug / to request a new feature or contact us!

In this build we fixed bugs, added improvements:

  • F-09-03 Set emulated device margins.
  • F-09-04 Hide emulation toggler from Developer Tools.
  • B-09-05 Web view overflows browser content.
  • B-09-07 Mobile web content redirection does not affect desktop content.
  • B-09-08 Back button does not affect mobile web content.
  • B-09-09 Emulation is flushed after DevTools close.
  • B-09-10 Emulation is flushed after the browser is restarted.
  • B-09-11 Wrong emulated device width and height.
  • B-09-13 Wrong emulation applied.
  • B-09-14 Browser crashes after requesting list of apps.
  • F-09-17 Prevent installation of browser extensions without user's permission.
  • F-09-18 Remove references on the first start screen.
  • B-09-20 Mobile content does not resize.
  • B-09-21 Wrong URL in mobile content when user has multiple tabs opened.
  • F-09-22 Pass info about selected device to mobile content.
  • F-09-24 UI improvements of devices panel.
  • B-09-26 Wrong links positioning.
  • B-09-27 Wrong URL regirect from
  • B-09-28 Browser crashes on close button click.
  • F-09-28 Notification about API keys.
  • B-09-30 Mobile content caching in multitab view.
  • B-09-32 Links with target="_blank" do not work in mobile content.
  • F-09-33 Hide devices panel and mobile content on first start.
  • B-09-34 Infinite reload on sites with mobile version.
  • F-09-36 Prevent double click to enable device.
  • B-09-38 Click on main menu item Exit crashes browser.
  • B-09-39 Click on main menu item Exit crashes browser with reordered tabs.
  • F-09-40 Browser quiet update.
F-<XX-XX> - Feature
B-<XX-XX> - Bug