We create new integrated development and testing environment

With so many different devices and screen sizes people browse the web on, web developers need to make sure their websites will work on every platform and react properly to different screen resolutions. Creating cross device compatible websites has always been a pain of every web developer.

We started as a team of web developers, who simply wanted to make the life of our teammates and colleagues better. We were outsourcing for a long time in a big Ukrainian company and so we really understood the biggest pain of each web developer. Because we had the same pain.

In 2014, we were creating the SaaS tool for online castings. The requirement of our customer was supporting the variety of different devices. While dealing with lots of layouts, platforms and devices, we understood the inefficiency of our workflow.

It is really hard to move across all these devices. Because as a developer you are losing the focus. This is the key point when you have a really huge project.

And then we thought, why not to help ourselves with a tool that is syncing the devices?! So it would be really easy to move across the devices and check the code across all of them simultaneously.

Therefore, we built a small JS plugin enabling to sync actions across the devices. This is where the magic came in. It was a really impressive to walk across the project and test it across three devices simultaneously.

Eventually, the small plugin grew to the SaaS service and in spring 2015 we relocated from Ukraine to Estonia and took part in the program of B2B startup accelerator. During the program, we finally understood that product is not fully solving the problem of a customer, we realized the weak points of our product and decided to make a pivot.

And we came to the idea of creating Blisk, the browser for web developers. Thus, our SaaS tool became a part of the new developer focused browser.

This is how Blisk project started.

- Blisk team
Ready for Windows, macOS, and Linux